SOS médecin Casablanca is the premier private emergency medical care provider in Casablanca, Morocco that has been providing 24/7 an array of emergency medical services that fit all needs since more than 2 decades.

We operate from all departments throughout Casablanca to provide real help real fast. Backed by a strong footprint in all major Casablanca  areas and surroundings, we offer extensive support to private and public hospitals throughout Morocco. We do have strong partnership with international medical transportation companies that enables us to provide a range of international services, including local and international aeromedical evacuation service with clinical excellence and cost containment, meeting the needs of our clients..

SOS médecin casablanca’s qualified physicians treat a variety of medical conditions, illnesses and injuries while providing fast, efficient and personalized care. They  have the flexibility to blend our company culture with the prevailing culture of our patients to make each treatment work in its own way, on its own terms, in favor of our patient.

Today, we are perfectly aligned with payers, hospitals, health systems and our patients.


SOS medecin casablanca currently has four operating departments, namely:

-Department of urgent care

-Department of home medicine (medical house visit)

-Department  of doctor on call

-Department of transport of patients

SOS médecin Casablanca also has extensive experience in providing medical support at all types of events, both indoors and outdoors, nationwide. Using innovative technologies that ensure seamless communication, we are set to deliver reliable emergency medical assistance at your event.

SOS médecin Casablanca services include:

-Field side medical assistance

-Experienced medical staff in event best practice

-State-of-the-art ambulances and equipment

-Operational support of ambulance rescue vehicles and response cars

-Hospital support close to event venue, where possible

-Compliance with national and regional legislation

-Line of sight and support communication structures and equipment

-Direct support from the SOS médecinc Casablanca ER24 Emergency 0522474747 Contact

-Centre with telephone voice recording and operators offering emergency support

-Operational medical contingency planning

-Strict clinical governance policies

-Valuable feedback to client after the event


To deliver efficient urgent care medical services in a socially responsible manner, SOS medecin casablanca invest in the development of our people, infrastructure and technology. We foster mutually beneficial relationships that are innovative in order to maintain our competitive advantage.


-To be respected internationally and locally for the delivery of quality medical services reflected by the commitment to our core values.

-To be the first call in any emergency and to assist and respond ensuring real help real fast.


SOS medecin casablanca is about our people and the values by which we operate: