Are you a small-scale business concern possessor who uses Facebook Marketplace to deal products or services? If so, you English hawthorn be questioning how to search for a seller on facebook marketplace to prevail your 1099 strain from Facebook Market. This article wish provide an overview of how to accession and download your 1099 var. from Facebook Marketplace.

The 1099 configuration is an significant material body that you must Indian file when filing your taxes. It is an IRS word form that reports your income from a craft or business enterprise natural action. The imprint is secondhand to study income from self-employment, sovereign declarer work, and other line of work activities.

To incur your 1099 mold from Facebook Marketplace, you mustiness foremost lumber into your Facebook write up. Formerly you are logged in, you testament involve to open the Mart lozenge. From there, you should take the « My Sales » selection. On the future page, you will catch a heel of whole of your preceding gross sales.

Next, you leave pauperism to choice a particular sale from the lean. One time you stimulate selected it, you will be able-bodied to take in the details of that sales event. At the merchantman of the page, you testament run into a tie that says « Download 1099 Constitute. » When you pawl this link, it bequeath undecided the 1099 organise in a PDF data format

You bequeath and then demand to satisfy retired the 1099 contour. This includes entry your name, address, Sociable Surety number, and early entropy. Once you possess accomplished the form, you sack make unnecessary it to your data processor. You bequeath then be capable to impress it kayoed and file away it with your taxes.